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5 Ways to Communicate Clearly With Screenshot Software

November 9, 2023

You may not necessarily think of screenshot software as great go-to tool for communicating. Upon further examination, you will find that it can be one of your best options for communicating clearly – especially at work. Whether you need to assign an action item, give feedback or report an issue; when you need to relay specific message the right screenshot software can help you accomplish this effectively. Screen captures are great tools that can be used to communicate information in a way that leaves little room for misinterpretation.

Communicate Clearly With Screenshot Software

New protocols. Since technology and the adoption of new technology can change and a variety of protocols, taking a screenshot is a great way to demonstrate the change and even create a comparison of the old way vs. the new. You can annotate the capture to give clear emphasis where needed.

Visual Guide. For new employees, you can create a reference guide regarding company procedures. You don’t have to print anything out you can simply share multiple files with them using a bulk share feature. They will get a link to a zip file with all the necessary resources. By keeping the copy digital, it makes updating it simple and cost effective.

Share milestone achievements. Share the good news with the whole team or company! Capture milestones met and share them with all relevant parties. A shareable link makes sending this news accessible to colleagues on multiple platforms. A snippet from a quarterly earnings report, a sales quota exceeded, a top ranking on a search results page; any moment in time can easily be captured and communicated.

Highlight new website sections or employee profiles. Don’t just direct people with a link to the a new site or new hire profile, send them a visual to support the content. With the ability to create call-outs and specific annotations, you can clearly point out what you would like your team to review and learn about.  By using a screen capture or screen cast of a new employee profile or new addition to your website, colleagues are more apt to read or watch it without having to navigate to it themselves.

Report a problem. Reporting problems with various programs can be an ominous task.  Typing out a description alone often doesn’t really translate the real problem. If the person you are sending the problem report to can’t understand the problem correctly then he or she won’t be able remedy it correctly either. By specifically capturing exactly what is happening on your screen, there is little room left for misinterpretation. You can even provide a step by step visual for what’s happening and the recipient can send you a step by step visual for how to fix it.

Screenshot software is a simple tool that’s been around for a long time. But better tools that have captured the power of screenshots and screencasts are now available. They are loaded with great editing tools and provide a simple way to share captures as well as store your capture history. Tiny Take by MangoApps incorporates the basic concept of screenshot software with a dynamic interface to help your turn a simple tool into a precise communication and collaboration tool.