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Choosing the Right Screen Capture Software – What To Look For

November 9, 2023

With a variety of options available for screen capture software, you should definitely evaluate your options carefully. Basic capture functions should allow you to capture and alter your screenshot, capture video, and allow you to share any file (not just image and video). As you research screen capture software for your business, keep these five key factors in mind to help you make the best choice.

Ease of use

The last thing you want from screen capture software is an overly complicated interface. The point of screen capture is to easily capture what is on your screen to present a moment in time easily and clearly. You should be able to use the software without being a computer expert to capture and alter the image.

Edit functions

Comprehensive screen capture software should provide you all the tools you need to capture, annotate, and save your captures in a variety of formats. One could argue the software’s edit functions should weigh the most heavily when choosing screen capture software because. Beyond just capturing the image, you should be able find and use the tools necessary to create your desired annotations. Look for there to be a simple way to highlight, add text, and add shapes without needing to use any additional editing software.

Capture Options

At a minimum, your screen capture software should have the following capture capabilities: full screen, window capture, region capture and  video capture. Scrolling capture and timer controlled capture are nice options only if you will actually use them. Extraneous options can just complicate basic function and cause frustration. Shop for functions you actually need and don’t be drawn in by ones that merely sound promising but don’t speak directly to your needs.


It's easy to get seduced by software that has lots of features. You need to evaluate what you use in practical application. Look for software that allows you to customize hot keys for the actions you will use most.  The best software will offer easy to navigate tool bars and a clear image viewer. A bulk share feature is a great tool to have as well. Being able to drag and drop files to create a zip file with a sharable link is useful for team project communication. You should also have access to capture history with sharable links and an option to print.

Online Storage

When choosing free screen capture software, it’s difficult to expect sizable online storage for the same bargain. You should definitely be provided some online storage with access to your capture history. There are some apps available that offer larger amounts of free storage space when you upgrade your account.  This is a great feature to look for because when you choose the right software, you’re going to want to integrate it into your workflow and have access to all your saved captures as they accumulate.

Like all tools you incorporate into your work space, you want your screen capture software to be straightforward and adaptable. The best option shouldn’t be hard to use or difficult to integrate into your daily use.