TinyTake is GDPR Ready

Committed to the highest standards of data protection, security and compliance

GDPR's global impact

The GDPR harmonizes data privacy laws and regulations across the EU, enhances data protection for EU citizens and reshapes the way organizations approach data privacy. The GDPR covers the personal data of every EU person and provides comprehensive rights to data subjects. Every company that works with European employees, customers and partners will need to comply with the regulation. Failure to meet the GDPR requirements can result in fines up to EUR 20 million or up to 4% of the company's worldwide annual turnover for the preceding fiscal year, whichever is higher.

Our GDPR commitment

Since our inception, TinyTake approach has been anchored with a strong commitment to privacy, security, compliance and transparency. Like existing privacy laws, compliance with the GDPR requires a partnership between TinyTake and our customers in their use of our services. We have analyzed the requirements of the GDPR, and have made enhancements to our products and processes to support compliance with this regulation. Our commitment guarantees that customers can:

  • Respond to requests from data subjects to correct, amend or delete personal data.
  • Be made aware of and report personal data breaches to relevant supervisory authorities and data subjects in accordance with GDPR timeframes.
  • Demonstrate their compliance with the GDPR as pertaining to TinyTake Services

GDPR readiness with TinyTake

TinyTake has a proven history of ensuring data privacy and trust of our customers. This trust and commitment has continued in our journey to be GDPR ready. Here are some of the key steps done at TinyTake to be ready for GDPR and other privacy & data protection regulations

  • TinyTake is hosted on AWS cloud and utilizes 100’s of security & compliance features of AWS to maintain the highest-level data privacy and protection standards.
  • TinyTake ongoing product innovation over the last couple of years has added data portability and data management features to the platform to help serve its customers with their data privacy obligations.
  • TinyTake has upgraded its organizational control and processes and added to it regular reviews of the technical and compliance programs, to ensure that they are robust and up to date.

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