About TinyTake by MangoApps

TinyTake Helps You Transform Your B2B Customer Journey

Our Mission

TinyTake's mission is to revolutionize the B2B enterprise customer journey, focusing on enhanced training, engagement, and innovative idea management. We aim to elevate product adoption, foster customer loyalty, and amplify brand strength, positioning TinyTake as a vital tool for enterprise growth and success.

TinyTake CX Solutions

TinyTake CX Suite

TinyTake Educate: Tailored training experiences to onboard customers effectively, offering immersive learning with customized paths and interactive tools​​

TinyTake Engage: Building customer communities to strengthen loyalties and transform customers into passionate advocates, enriching every interaction​​

TinyTake Innovate: Leveraging customer feedback for collaborative product development and innovation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement​​.

TinyTake Capture: A free tool to easily record and capture screens, perfect for quick tutorials and annotating documents

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Why TinyTake?

From fostering innovation to building a community that engages and educates users, TinyTake propels your business forward.

Harness Customer Insights for Innovation: Adapt your products and business with direct customer feedback.
Build Stronger Customer Relationships: Engage with your customers regularly and build deeper connections.
Elevate Customer Loyalty: Don't just make sure your customers keep coming back, transform them into your biggest advocates.
All Your Customer Tools in One Place: Everything your customers need to be successful can all be found in TinyTake.
Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplicity at its best for all users, never let a bad experience be the reason you can't engage your customers.

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Part of the MangoApps Family

Mirroring MangoApps' mission to enrich employee experiences, TinyTake extends this philosophy to customer engagement and community building. MangoApps utilizes TinyTake for its customer community, enhancing the post-sales journey from onboarding to training and ideation.

Just as MangoApps revolutionizes the employee journey, TinyTake transforms the post-sales customer experience. It helps businesses create vibrant communities, increase product adoption, and foster advocacy. Enterprises benefit from TinyTake's seamless integration of customer training, engagement, and feedback management, while enjoying the security, reliability, and innovation of MangoApps products.

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