Delight Your Customers with a Unified Post-Sales Customer Experience

TinyTake Customer Experience and Support Solutions

The TinyTake All-in-One suite provides an integrated solution that transforms the after-sales B2B customer experience. Featuring the four core components—Educate, Engage, Innovate, and Capture—TinyTake empowers businesses to seamlessly onboard, train, engage, support, and drive innovation with their customers. All the components are built on the same platform ad work together within the same interface to provide a unified experience. Get in touch with us to see a demo.

TinyTake Educate

Effectively onboard and educate customers with tailored, engaging learning experiences.

Streamlined Customer Onboarding
Customizable Learning Experiences
Engaging Courses Creation
Branded Learning Environment
Engaging Learner Communication
Learner Feedback Incorporation
Training Program Analysis
Education Integration into Customer Success

TinyTake Engage

Build and nurture vibrant customer communities, to enhance customer engagement and foster strong relationships.

Cultivate Vibrant Community Spaces
Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Interactions
Drive Customer Advocacy Programs
Deliver Targeted Communication
Gather and Act on Customer Feedback
Organize Engaging Events and Webinars
Offer Exclusive Member Benefits
Implement Gamification Strategies
Utilize Advanced Analytics for Engagement Insights
Ensure Seamless Integration with Social Platforms

TinyTake Innovate

Collaborate with customers on product development by leveraging real-time insights and feedback.

Customer Feedback Innovation
Idea Management Streamlining
Collaborative Product Design
Real-Time Market Insights
Customer-Centric Roadmap Development
Data-Driven Strategic Decisions
Targeted Feedback with Custom Surveys and Polls
CRM System Integration
Active Customer Community Engagement

TinyTake Capture

Easily capture, annotate, and share screenshots and videos on Windows and Mac.

Record A Video Of Your Screen Or Using Your Webcam
Capture A Region, Window, Or Entire Screen
Store Screenshots And Videos In The Cloud
Share Links To Stored Screenshots And Videos
Open, Annotate, And Share Images & Videos
Copy To Clipboard Or Save Locally
Offer Exclusive Member Benefits