Capture Customer Ideas and Interests

Discover how TinyTake Innovate's idea submission portal becomes your direct line to customer insights. It’s an easy-to-use hub where diverse ideas converge, sparking the innovation that drives your business forward.

Solicit Ideas on Specific Topics Using Idea Campaigns

Focus your team's creativity with our tailored idea campaigns. With smart categorization and tagging, every idea is streamlined to align with your strategic goals, maximizing impact.

Enable the Community to Vote and Comment on Ideas

Transform idea development into a community effort with TinyTake Innovate. Our interactive voting and commenting features create a culture of collaboration, bringing the best ideas to the forefront.

Create Custom Idea Management Workflows

TinyTake Innovate streamlines your idea journey. Tailor your idea management process with our customizable workflows and robust security, ensuring seamless transitions from conception to implementation.

Discuss Ideas in Collaboration Workspaces

Our collaboration workspaces are dynamic arenas for action. Here, ideas are born, nurtured, and realized, supported by tools that facilitate every step from discussion to execution.

Close the Full Loop, from Idea to Implementation, with Customers

With TinyTake Innovate, track the evolution of ideas from their inception to tangible solutions. Our platform ensures end-to-end management with real-time updates and analytics, fostering a continuous cycle of innovation.

Send Surveys and Polls for Targeted Feedback

Tailor your approach to collecting customer feedback. Design surveys and polls that are relevant to your specific audience, ensuring the data collected is both meaningful and actionable.