Fastest Way to

Seamless Onboarding and Comprehensive Training Platform

Enhance customer onboarding, education, and retention to boost product adoption and long-term customer loyalty.

Streamline New Customer Onboarding

Efficiently introduce new customers to your products and services. TinyTake provides a series of guided resources and learning paths, making the onboarding experience smooth, informative, and engaging.

Customize the Onboarding Experience

Personalize onboarding materials to cater to diverse customer profiles. TinyTake allows administrators to personalize educational content and resources to suit individual learning styles, roles, and specific user needs.

Create Engaging Courses with Ease

Design and deploy interactive and engaging courses effortlessly. Built-in authoring tools and centralized content management facilitate easy course creation, ensuring your customers always receive a high-quality learning experience.

Your Brand, Your Academy

Ensure your customer training academy resonates with your brand identity. TinyTake offers deep customization options, including templates and no-code development tools, enabling you to align the look and feel of your community platform with your company's branding.

Engage Learners Effectively

Deliver relevant and compelling content to learners. Group learners based on their interests or roles, provide motivational learning paths, and use personalized communication to maintain high levels of engagement and interest.

Incorporate Learner Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Actively solicit and utilize learner feedback to enhance course offerings. This feedback mechanism allows for the continuous evolution and improvement of educational content, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective.

The first thing we do for a new franchisee is send them directly to TinyTake by MangoApps’ LMS. This is where they’ll learn about how a bakery works and take necessary courses to prepare them for running a bakery.

Roberta Raffety

Content Manager

Great Harvest Bread Company

Analyze and Optimize Training Programs

Use data-driven insights to refine and improve your training programs. Track and measure the impact of learning on customer outcomes, integrating this data with your business tools for informed decision-making and continuous program enhancement.

Integrate Education into Customer Success

Embed educational elements into your broader customer success strategy. TinyTake focuses on automating trainings, reducing onsite training costs, and utilizing learning data to gain insights into customer health, product adoption, and overall engagement.