Fastest Way to

Establish a Thriving Customer Community

Provide a single, cohesive community hub for your customers to interact, share insights, give feedback, and deepen their relationship with your product.

Cultivate Vibrant Community Spaces

Foster engaging digital spaces where customers can connect, share experiences, and discuss ideas. TinyTake helps you build a sense of community among users, encouraging active participation and connection.

Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Interactions

Enable customers to interact, exchange knowledge, and support each other. By promoting peer-to-peer engagement you're able to enhance the overall user experience and fosters a collaborative community that helps and uplifts each other.

Drive Customer Advocacy Programs

Empower passionate customers to become brand advocates. Implement programs that recognize and reward customers for their loyalty and advocacy, strengthening their commitment to your brand.

Deliver Targeted Communication

Communicate effectively with segmented user groups. Tailor your messaging to resonate with specific customer segments, ensuring relevance and increased engagement.

Transform Support with Knowledge Base

Revamp your support portal into a user-friendly self-service hub powered by helpful content and user-generated input.

With COVID, TinyTake by MangoApps has played an incredible role for us, communication-wise. It’s really helped create that stable, centralized place for Ys to get the information that they need, fast. It also gives them a sense of a community—that they aren’t in this alone. Y staff across the country are facing some of the same challenges that they’re facing.

Vanessa Blair

Sr. Manager of Organizational Communications

YMCA of the USA

Organize Engaging Events and Webinars

Host virtual and in-person events to deepen customer relationships. These events can provide a platform for learning, networking, and engaging with your product, service, and broader customer community.

Offer Exclusive Member Benefits

Provide special perks and benefits to active community members. Exclusive offers, early access to new features, or special content can incentivize participation and loyalty.

Implement Gamification Strategies

Introduce elements of gamification to enhance engagement. Leaderboards, badges, and challenges add a fun, competitive edge to the community experience.

Utilize Advanced Analytics for Engagement Insights

Leverage analytics to track engagement levels and patterns. Understanding how customers interact within the community helps in fine-tuning your engagement strategies.

Ensure Seamless Integration with Social Platforms

Connect your community with popular social media platforms. This integration broadens your reach and makes it easier for customers to engage with your content across different channels.