How A Digital Workplace Helps YMCA Employees Better Serve Their Communities


YMCA Case Study

The YMCA, a nonprofit organization that does important work in communities across the US, sought out to find a solution that could create a flexible, digital workspace for their employees and volunteers.

After demos with many software providers, YMCA decided to move forward with MangoApps because of its wide berth of features, simplistic look and feel, and most importantly, it was the only platform able to meet the diverse needs of their decentralized organization.

In this case study, you will learn how the YMCA used MangoApps to:

  1. Create a unified digital workspace for their dispersed volunteers and employees
  2. Build an effective communication strategy in response to COVID-19
  3. Maintain a positive organizational culture and strong community

And More!

Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped the YMCA transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.