Keeping 600 Event Staff Engaged 365 Days a Year: The Kansas City Chiefs' Huddle

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Case Study

Every gameday, the Kansas City Chiefs have over 600 event staff that are in a fan facing role with a unified goal of providing the best fan experience possible. With multiple Super Bowl Championships on the record books, the expectations are very high. While the offensive and defensive lines battle it out on the field, hear how Caitlin Petit, Director of Event Services, takes care of her frontline in the stands. 

The Kansas City Chiefs new event services employee app “Huddle” - built on MangoApp - provides a single experience for all event staff. Everything event staff need is in Huddle - schedules, clock-in/out, top-down communication, peer-to-peer communication, training, all in one experience.

Since launching Huddle to the event staff, the Kansas City Chiefs have seen tremendous results:

  • 90% adoption rate of Huddle - up from their average 40% adoption rate organization-wide.
  • Reach 600 event staff members in an instant - never before possible.
  • Other departments have inquired about adopting Huddle for their operations as well, including the Security and Stadium Operations teams.

And More!

Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped the Chiefs transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.